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Flame retardant

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6 Item(s)

Workwear that protects from heat, sparks and flames

Workwear with flame retardant properties you will find here in this category at We can dress you from top to bottom in high quality flame retardant workwear. You will find work trousers, work jackets, underwear and shirts in excellent materials that makes you feel safe in every work situation. In this category you can find flame retardant workwear from MASCOT® MULTISAFE, which means that the workwear in many cases will protect you from more than heat, flames and sparks. In order make sure that you will get the ideal flame retardant workwear, feel free to contact us at any time.

Flame retardant workwear available here on the shop has 3 different properties. The correct certification is determined by your needed level of protection. In example, EN ISO 11611 protects from welding while EN ISO 11612 and EN ISO 14116 protect from heat and flames. You can read more about certifications of safety workwear by looking under EN numbers.

MASCOT is one of the leading brands of excellent quality flame retardant workwear. If you need you and your employees to be 100 % protected, safety clothing from MASCOT is the safest choice. You will find flame retardant workwear in colours such as black and blue as well as clothing in fluorescent yellow. We have no doubt that you will find just the clothing you need here on the shop.