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31 Item(s)

Laces, soles and waterproofing spray

Despite the high quality of MASCOT safety footwear, you will benefit from taking care of and maintaining your shoes. Here in the category you will find a wide range of care products and footwear accessories for safety shoes, safety boots and safety sandals.

Among MASCOT care products and footwear accessories you will find laces, waterproofing spray and insoles. By continuously using care products such as waterproofing spray you provide the best grounds for increasing the durability of your safety shoes. Often, you will be able to renew the life of your shoes, boots and sandals by purchasing footwear accessories such as laces. Insoles are widely used by people who have special demands in relation to their footwear.

Although the range of care and footwear accessories is relatively small, MASCOT has made sure that they are able to offer what you need. They guarantee that all care products and accessories are top quality and live up to their specifications. In the long run, companies and private individual will be able to save a fortune by using MASCOT care products and footwear accessories, because they postpone the need to invest in new safety shoes.

As always, it is a good idea to consider the benefits of purchasing in quantities that ensures you free shipping here at By combining the purchase of MASCOT safety shoes, safety boots or workwear with laces or waterproofing spray, this is easily achieved. You can also get free shipping by shopping for your workwear in collaboration with colleagues and friends.