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Find the right MASCOT reflective jacket

When you are doing physical work in a dark environment, it is important to make yourself visible, for your own sake as well as for others. For this purpose, MASCOT has developed an excellent collection of hi-vis work jackets, which are sold right here at MASCOT reflective jackets are known for their inimitable nice fit and high quality. Only the best and most durable materials are being used to produce the renowned hi-vis work jacket that is seen everywhere on British workplaces. Hi-vis work jackets from MASCOT are available in a wide variety of fluorescent colours and are equipped with high quality reflective tape. Choose from red, yellow and orange jackets with reflective effects. Just like any regular jacket from MASCOT, hi-vis models have several practical pockets with several possibilities for practical use. The hi-vis work jackets that are sold on this site are designed for those who work within both craftsmanship and industry. This is clearly reflected in their careful design that provides maximum comfort and high level of mobility. Discover hi-vis work jackets for both summer and winter usage within the range of products here at Several of the jackets on this site are ISO 20471 certified and available at great prices here at the shop.