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Waterproof clothing

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31 Item(s)

Excellent rainwear for every work situation

You are guaranteed an excellent set of waterproof clothing if you buy it here on this site. Because the MASCOT brand has proven to have the leading products on the market, we only carry waterproof clothing from MASCOT. You will always find cheap MASCOT waterproof clothing for work and leisure here on this site. You can purchase a complete water-resistant set or you can buy trousers and jackets separately. For road maintenance workers, men or women working at construction sites or other craftsmen who need to be visible while they work, MASCOT has developed an ideal collection of reflective and water-resistant clothing in fluorescent colours.

With waterproof clothing bought here on this site, you never have to worry about getting soaked if you are caught in a sudden downpour. MASCOT water-resistant workwear is the preferred choice of numerous craftsmen, private individuals and businesses around the world.

On this page you will find the best prices on MASCOT waterproof clothing in several variants. We offer water-resistant sets in small and large sizes. We carry the entire MASCOT collection in order to guarantee that you will always be able to find the right size in the right colour. With us, your search for waterproof clothing and other types of workwear will always be successful.

All industries and businesses can buy waterproof clothing here on this site. If you work for a company that requires you to wear blue, red, white, black, fluorescent or other colours, you will find it right here. In our easily manageable category you will always find the right price and colour of your next water-resistant set.