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ESD safety footwear

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MASCOT® Trivor black/royal MASCOT® Trivor black
Safety boot
F0114 - 937

GBP 94.80

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MASCOT® Rimo black/dark orange
Safety boot
F0116 - 937

GBP 94.68

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MASCOT® Diran black/dark orange
Safety shoe
F0115 - 937

GBP 84.24

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MASCOT® Ultar black/royal MASCOT® Ultar black
Safety shoe
F0113 - 937

GBP 82.80

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MASCOT® Petros black/anthracite MASCOT® Petros black/hi-vis yellow
Safety boot
F0118 - 906

GBP 127.08

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MASCOT® Tatra black/anthracite MASCOT® Tatra black/hi-vis yellow MASCOT® Tatra dark navy/hi-vis orange
Safety shoe
F0117 - 906

GBP 121.68

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MASCOT® Kailash black/petroleum MASCOT® Kailash black/dark anthracite
Safety shoe
F0112 - 909

GBP 183.96

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MASCOT® Grofa black/anthracite
Safety sandal
F0119 - 906

GBP 116.40

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MASCOT® Manaslu black
Safety shoe
F0111 - 937

GBP 156.12

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MASCOT® Alpamayo black
Safety sandal
F0107 - 937

GBP 86.40

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MASCOT® Fujiyama black
Safety shoe
F0108 - 937

GBP 85.20

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MASCOT® Sanford black
Safety shoe
F0099 - 906

GBP 128.28

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Safety shoes, boots and sandals with ESD

MASCOT safety footwear with ESD is among the best on the market. If you work in high-risk environments, or if you run a company that works with materials that are sensitive to small charges, then ESD safety shoes and boots are, in many cases, a necessity. ESD safety shoes and boots with electrostatic properties are mainly used by the electronics industry, but many other places would benefit from wearing ESD safety footwear. In this category at, you will find one of the widest sections of high quality ESD protective shoes and boots. Many people choose only MASCOT safety footwear, since they have shown over the years, that they are highly durable.

MASCOT continues to manufacture new types of safety footwear, and several of the models are ESD approved. ESD approved protective footwear is achieved when both insole and running sole have been approved.

We have no doubt that here at you can find exactly the kind of protective shoes, boots or sandals that you want. In addition, take a look in the category of accessories for shoes, where you will find laces, soles and waterproofing spray. Have a comfortable workday of high comfort with MASCOT safety shoes and boots. Remember that MASCOT also offers a wide selection of work socks, which will only make the workday more comfortable.