Product information
  • Flannel is made of loose spun yarn which gives the fabric its characteristic soft surface.
  • Four reinforced holster pockets.
  • A thin mesh lining gives the product bit of volume and a nice smooth look.
  • A 100% cotton fabric that absorbs moisture and is comfortable against the skin.
  • ESD Approved.
  • Ergonomically shaped trouser legs are constructed to follow the body's natural movements.
  • Ergonomically shaped sleeves are designed to follow the arms' natural movements.
  • Elastic, fits all head shapes.
  • Elastic fabric that fits the body's curves.
  • Elastic fabric that always forms well to the body's movements.
  • Detachable hood with moisture-wicking COOLMAX® ALL SEASON on the inside.
  • Adjustable elastic waist, adjusted from inside the pockets.
  • Elastic adjustment at the waist.
  • Elastic at cuffs and waist.
  • Elastic at the cuffs.
  • Elastic and drawstring waist.
  • Elastic and pleat in the back.
  • Elastic at the waist.
  • Elastic at waist and internal waist adjustment.
  • Elastic in the arm hole keeps warmth from escaping.
  • Elastic in arm hole.
  • Detachable hood.
  • Elastan® in the fabric makes the product elastic and flexible.
  • Extra visibility with the help of reflectors.
  • Extra visibility with the help of vertical and chevroned crossed reflective strips.
  • Extra visibility for the surroundings with vertical and horizontal reflective strips.
  • Additional safety with vertical reflective strips that connect with the horizontal reflectors.
  • Additional safety with reflexes on the shoulders.
  • Additional reflectors located on the back provide extra visibility.
  • Extra padding over the seam at the neck so the seam does not cause irritation.
  • Spacious extra long garment with pleat in the back.
  • Extra long zip with storm flap on outerside of lower leg so they can be easily pulled on over boots.
  • Detachable lined hood with adjustable elastic drawstring.
  • Extra long zip with storm flap on outerside of leg so they can be easily pulled on over boots.
  • Adjustable extra high collar with hidden drawstring stoppers.
  • Extra freedom of movement with elastic reflectors.
  • Extra protection against the cold with an extended back.
  • Excellent ventilation at the knee area via a zipper on the side of the leg.
  • Efficient moisture wicking keeps the body dry and prevents chilling.
  • Effective insulation properties through an inner polyester wadding.
  • Effective insulation properties with a lightweight padded lining.
  • D-ring for keys or ID cards.
  • D-ring in flexible material that does not scratch.
  • Sleeves can be rolled up and fastened with button.
  • Waterproof fabric with welded seams to prevent rain entry.
  • The waterproof multifunctional stretch material combines a low weight with a very high durability.
  • The water-repellent multifunctional stretch material combines a low weight with a very high durability.
  • The dark contrast is placed where the clothing is most exposed to dirt.
  • Fluorescent parts are Teflon®-treated and stain repellent, keeping them visible for a long time.
  • It is not necessary to remove this type of kneepad from the trousers prior to washing.
  • Elastane gives stability and holds the sock in place on the foot.
  • Designed for extremely cold conditions.
  • The hood can be easily folded and stored inside the collar.
  • Low waist with form-cut waistband ensures comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Sleeve pockets with compartments for a pen and pocket light.
  • Internal quilted jacket has ribbed collar and pockets and can be zipped out and used separately.
  • The form-cut waist band ensures that the trousers follow and support all body movements.
  • The stretch kneepad pockets are made with a combination of CORDURA®, Kevlar® and the exceptionally durable fibre, Dyneema®.
  • The efficient moisture wicking properties keep the body dry, reducing the risk of chilling.
  • CORDURA® fabric reinforcements at exposed locations ensure hard wear and a long lifetime.
  • CORDURA® fabric reinforced thigh pocket and flap with hook and loop fastening.
  • Interior zipper at lower back for logo embroidery.
  • COOLMAX® ensures efficient moisture wicking, keeps the body dry and prevents chilling.
  • CoolDry is an exceptionally moisture wicking fabric that pulls the moisture from the body to the exterior of the fabric so it can evaporate quickly and easily.
  • CoolDry is quick drying, an important factor to avoid cooling of the body.
  • Sleeve pockets with zip.
  • Chambray is a finely woven, smooth and sturdy cotton material with a denim-like look.
  • Chest pockets with zip and flap with press stud.
  • Chest pockets with zip.
  • Chest pockets with flap.
  • Chest pockets.
  • Chest pocket suitable for logo printing.
  • Chest pocket and side pockets with zip fastening.
  • Chest pocket with zip fastening.
  • Chest pocket with vertical zip and easy access - suitable for mobile phone.
  • Chest pocket.
  • Sleeve pocket.
  • Brushed inside making it warm and soft to wear.
  • A mixture of wool and acrylic gives great warmth, comfort and breathability.
  • Bearnylon® is a water-repellent and extremely durable material.
  • Ticket pocket and pen pocket.
  • Protected zipped pocket under storm flap makes it easy to access contents without opening the jacket.
  • Protects the hair and scalp from sun and dirt.
  • Comfortable cotton inner and durable polyester outer.
  • Back pocket with flap and hidden press studs.
  • Back pocket with flap.
  • Back pockets, one with flap and hook and loop fastening.
  • Access to trousers underneath from both sides.
  • Back pocket.
  • Anti-static, acid-resistant and flame-retardant PyroPro®.
  • Anti-static, acid-resistant and flame retardant hood (when attached to MASCOT® Lungern jacket).
  • Anti-static, acid-resistant and flame-retardant.
  • Anti-bacterial and moisture wicking.
  • Detachable pile lining and collar.
  • Detachable pile lining, collar and sleeves.
  • Removable shoulder straps.
  • Detachable quilted vest which can also be worn separately.
  • Detachable ID-card holder that can easily be attached to the thigh pocket or D-ring - can be used on all products with D-ring.
  • 4-in-1 jacket with detachable sleeves and lining.
  • Chest pocket with internal Kevlar® reinforcement
  • Kneepad pockets of durable CORDURA® which can be entered from above - closure with hook and loop fastening for easy release, should they get caught on something .
  • Top loading durable CORDURA® reinforced adjustable kneepad pockets, with flap so they don’t collect dirt.
  • Kneepad pockets.
  • Kevlar® reinforced knife sheath.
  • Edged with band.
  • Can easily be extended by 3 cm by releasing the red stitching on the inside.
  • The sleeves easily zip off making the jacket into a vest.
  • Can withstand washes up to 95°C.
  • Can be used with different types of hammers.
  • Can be placed anywhere on the belt.
  • Can be shortened to fit in all types of trousers.
  • Combed pre-shrunk cotton avoids shrinkage when washing.
  • Combed cotton absorbs moisture and is extra comfortable against the skin.
  • Adjustment possibility internally at the hip.
  • Adjustable fabric straps, with short strong elastic that provides flexibility and a super fit.
  • Adjustable fabric straps, with short strong elastic.
  • Adjustable straps.
  • Integrated fur ear warmers can be folded down and attached under the chin.
  • No seams on the top of the shoulders: prevents water from penetrating.
  • No rib at the waist makes it suitable to wear over a bib & brace.
  • Internal storm cuffs in the sleeves made of moisture-wicking COOLMAX® ALL SEASON – can be adjusted in length and come with thumb holes.
  • Inside storm flap of quilt can be zipped out.
  • Internal elastic band provides better fit.
  • Interior zipper at lower back for logo printing / embroidery.
  • Internal mesh pocket.
  • Soft internal fleece edge makes it particularly comfortable.
  • Inside chest pocket.
  • Individual sizing through adjustable bottom edge.
  • Individual adjustment with adjustable waist.
  • Individual fit with hook and loop fastening for adjustment at neck.
  • Contains TENCEL® which makes the fabric cooler, soft and highly moisture absorbing.
  • The use of CORDURA® gives the garment high wear resistance and durability.
  • Inside pockets.
  • Inner pocket with zip fastener.
  • Inner pocket.
  • Contains wool for insulation and improved comfort in cold environments.
  • Holes for your thumbs at cuffs.
  • Right back pocket contains an extra pocket.
  • High collar with drawstring.
  • High durability of the front pockets is ensured by CORDURA® reinforcements – especially important when power tools hang from the pockets.
  • High ribbed collar.
  • High collar.
  • Great protection with anti-static and flame-retardant properties.
  • Hammer loop.
  • Drawstring hood.
  • Hood with adjustable drawstring.
  • Hood with lining.
  • Hood can be folded into collar and has an adjustable drawstring.
  • Holster pockets with extra pockets for nails, screws and drill bits.
  • Holster pockets in durable CORDURA® with Kevlar® reinforcement - particularly resistant to pointed and sharp objects.
  • Holster pockets of durable CORDURA® with extra pockets for tools.
  • Holster pockets of durable CORDURA® can be tucked away when not in use.
  • Holster pockets in polyester with reinforcement and extra pockets.
  • Adjustable CORDURA® fabric holster pockets with an extra pocket for tools.
  • Holster pockets of durable CORDURA® - foremost holster pockets have stick resistant Kevlar®-reinforcements in the bottom.
  • Fly without opening.
  • Fly with zip.
  • Fly.
  • Certified to EN 343 - certified protection against rain.
  • Good space for placement of company logo.
  • Band on arm for fixing a gas alarm, for example.
  • Buttoned placket right through.
  • Zip right through.
  • Available in four lengths: 85, 110, 130 and 150 cm.
  • Terry cushioning under the foot gives extra protection and durability.
  • Front zipper hidden behind fabric prevents ingress of dirt and dust.
  • Produced in soft material with great elasticity.
  • Anti-pilling pre-shrunk cotton, does not shed.
  • Pre-shrunk cotton prevents shrinking when washing.
  • Reinforced in exposed places.
  • Reinforced heel and toe increase durability and provides extra protection.
  • Reinforcements inside the jacket, so the lining does not tear when you have tools in the trouser pockets.
  • Reinforced back pockets and ruler pocket.
  • Reinforced back pockets.
  • Reinforcements on elbows.
  • Reinforced ruler pocket with small outside pocket.
  • Reinforced ruler pocket.
  • Reinforced thigh pocket and phone pocket with flap and hook and loop fastening.
  • Reinforced areas with CORDURA® increase durability.
  • Reinforced holster pockets with extra pockets and straps for tools.
  • Reinforced holster pockets can be tucked away when not in use.
  • Reinforced holster pockets.
  • Reinforced arm vents.
  • Form cut sleeves and slight stretch effect in the fabric provide good freedom of movement.
  • Form cut sleeves with great freedom of movement.
  • Front pockets with zippers for safe storage.
  • Front pockets.
  • Front pockets.
  • Extended sleeve on the back of the hand is additional protection against cold and snow.
  • Raised back piece provides support and extra protection against cold and wind.
  • Higher back provides both support and warmth.
  • Lined hood with a unique design that means the hood fits closely to the head and follows all movements.
  • To achieve the best possible comfort, we recommend that you choose MASCOT® Waterloo kneepads for this model.
  • Light fabric lining.
  • Lining of different fabric types, so it is soft at the upper part for comfort, but smooth at the bottom part where, with movement, the jacket needs to easily slide around other layers of clothing.
  • Flexible and close-fitting high collar.
  • The smooth surface of the fleece material prevents dust and dirt from sticking.
  • Fleece lining.
  • Fleece on inner side.
  • Quality anti-pilling fleece (= does not shed).
  • Pile lining.
  • Suitable for all MASCOT products with kneepad pockets.
  • Jetted hand pocket under the sleeve for storage, e.g., phone or glasses.
  • Jetted side pockets.
  • Jetted back pockets with button.
  • Fits both men and women thanks to its elasticity.
  • Oxford is a soft and strong weave method that gives the products a textured structure.
  • Outlast® lining is temperature-regulating. Keeps the heat in and redirects it back to your body when you need it.
  • Optimized ruler pocket with extra freedom of movement, double bottom and pen pocket.
  • New fit which is higher in the back for extra support in demanding work movements.
  • Kidney protection.
  • Nickel-free belt buckle (in accordance with EU requirements).
  • Mesh lining.
  • Can be easily fixed to all MASCOT products with tool loops.
  • Easy access to phone pocket inside the breast pocket.
  • Back piece is a little longer than the front piece.
  • Neck yoke.
  • Multi-function jacket that can be adapted to the situation - includes both shell jacket, shell gilet, thermal jacket and thermal gilet.
  • Possibility to attach MASCOT® MacGill hood with press studs.
  • Press studs to attach a hood if required.
  • Possibility to attach a hood with zip.
  • Belt can be shortened (total length 140cm).
  • Belt can be shortened (total length 120 cm).
  • Modern, close fit with great freedom of movement.
  • Modern, close fit.
  • Fabric with stretch.
  • Perfect as a base layer.
  • Very hard-wearing, while flexible.
  • Very durable.
  • High warm waistline at the back, leading around to the stomach.
  • With hook and loop fastening at the front.
  • The material is made with burnt bamboo which makes the product insulating, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial.
  • Match safety clothing with a top in a flourescent material without reflectors.
  • MASCOT's most body conscious fit - follows all the movements of the body.
  • Many elastic inserts provide unique freedom of movement - especially around the knees.
  • Many elastic inserts provide unique freedom of movement.
  • Magnets automatically close the breast pockets after use.
  • Magnets in holster pockets to hold nails, screws and drill bits.
  • Thigh pockets with flap and hidden press studs.
  • Thigh pockets with flap and extra pockets.
  • Thigh pockets with flaps.
  • Thigh pockets have many different compartments so you can equip them as desired.
  • Thigh pocket with phone pocket and integrated ID card holder.
  • Thigh pocket with phone pocket, flap and hook and loop fastening.
  • Thigh pocket with flap and hidden press studs.
  • Thigh pocket with hook and loop fastening and flap.
  • Reinforced thigh pocket with both internal phone pocket and an extra external phone pocket with flap and magnetic fastening.
  • Zipped pockets.
  • Hidden zips avoids scratches to the surroundings.
  • Zipper at neck with storm flap.
  • Zip at the neck.
  • Hook and loop fastening at chin.
  • Fastening with storm flap and hidden press studs, so as not to scratch the surroundings.
  • Front fastening with press studs.
  • Flexible with two way zip and storm flap.
  • Fastening with two way zip, double storm flap and hidden press studs.
  • Reflective front fastening in front of the zip fastener to avoid damage from dirt.
  • Fastening with zip, storm flap and hidden press studs to avoid scratching.
  • Fastening with zip and storm flap with press studs.
  • Fastening with zip and internal storm flap, so the wind is kept out.
  • Pockets are sewn into the continuation of the thigh reinforcement.
  • Pockets have flap closures to keep sparks out.
  • The loops in the terry cloth ribbing inside trap air and provide insulation.
  • Waist with internal elastic adjustment.
  • Waist band formed following the body's anatomy so that it supports in all working positions.
  • Slightly rounded bottom edge allows perfect freedom of movement and easy access to front pockets.
  • Light material suited to warm surroundings.
  • Light fabric.
  • Slightly extended back.
  • Light lining and press stud adjustment at foot.
  • Slightly curved collar with inner rib that fits tightly to the neck and keeps the cold out.
  • Made with 100% CORDURA®, for extra durability.
  • The extended back provides extra protection against the cold.
  • Long life, with flame retardant thread used in seams.
  • Canvas collar and canvas inserts on parts of the product.
  • Pleat in the back for greater freedom of movement.
  • Collar fits the neck snugly, keeping the cold out.
  • Collar design with lightweight fabric allowing the collar to move flexibly with head movements.
  • Collar with hidden buttons to keep the collar in place.
  • Stiffened button down collar ensures the collar always looks sharp.
  • Stiffened collar.
  • Thick anti-pilling fabric (does not shed).
  • Strong fabric which holds its shape well.
  • Heavy duty top grain leather with metal buckle.
  • Heavy-duty zip-pulls on all zippers that are easy to grab, even when wearing gloves.
  • Strong rib at neck.
  • Robust rib cuffs in sleeves.
  • ID Card Holder in strong plastic.
  • Combination of insulating wool and COOLMAX® moisture wicking fabric.
  • Button adjustment on the sides for use when changing layers underneath.
  • The kneepads are easily inserted from the sides via a zipper, even while wearing the trousers.
  • The kneepad pocket fabric is coated on the inside, which makes them water repellent.
  • Internal kneepad pockets.
  • Adjustable kneepad pockets with flap and top access, so dirt doesn't collect.
  • Kneepad pockets with insertion of kneepads from the bottom to avoid dirt collection.
  • Adjustable kneepad pockets so kneepads can be optimally placed on the knee.
  • The kneepad pockets of durable CORDURA® are adjustable so the kneepads have the optimal position on your knees.
  • Adjustable polyester kneepad pockets with flap and top access, so they don’t collect dirt.
  • Kevlar® kneepad pockets with insertion from the top and with flap so they don’t collect dirt.
  • Polyester kneepad pockets with insertion of kneepads from the bottom to avoid dirt collection.
  • Inner phone pocket with zipper and a small opening for cord of a headset.
  • Phone and pen pocket.
  • Teflon® finish makes the product dirt resistant and ensures high visibility.
  • Adjustable waist band.
  • With its low density and unique composition, the product works exceptionally well as an insulating middle layer.
  • The stitching at the neck is covered in a soft padding so it does not irritate.
  • Sewn pleats.
  • Flat stitched seams, that are flater on the back compared with normal seams, for minimal skin irritation.
  • Moisture wicking and good breathability.
  • Moisture wicking MASCODRY® fabric.
  • Sweatband of 100% cotton.
  • Ergonomic fit to suit the shape of your legs with reinforced gusset on the inside of the legs and crotch.
  • Loops to hold a headset cord.
  • Three layer bonded fabric: knit outer layer, fleece inner layer for comfort, and a windproof and water-repellent membrane between.
  • Knitted collar and buttoned placket.
  • Knitted collar.
  • Four way stretch material provides unique freedom of movement and comfort.
  • Stretch fabric on the sides and elasticated reflectors to increase comfort and mobility.
  • Stretch fabric at the sides provides extra freedom of movement.
  • Stretch fabric at the back provides extra freedom of movement.
  • Stretchable fabric.
  • Large areas of robust mesh make the vest light and airy.
  • Large in size – designed to be worn over other clothing.
  • Highly durable with many pockets, all with closed bottom.
  • Large pocket under storm flap that fits for example a tablet, that can be accessed without unzipping the jacket.
  • Buttoned placket and stiffened collar.
  • Buttoned placket.
  • Lightweight highly durable fabric.
  • Material at the chest is suitable for printing.
  • Fabric with polyester on one side for both wear resistance and colour fastness and cotton on the other side, for the sake of comfort.
  • Anti pilling fabric - does not shed.
  • Strong quality to keep the trousers in place, even when full of tools.
  • The socks have a special right and left - formed to give optimal support to the foot.
  • Specially designed and fitted for women.
  • Rubber coated buckle to avoid scratches.
  • Buckle and belt ends are nickel free in accordance with EU requirements.
  • As standard in three different leg lengths, so you can choose the best fit and optimal placement of details just for you.
  • Seams face downwards so sparks can not get lodged in them.
  • Extremely durable with welded seams.
  • Seamless product without irritating seams or insewn washing instructions.
  • Snow locks inside the leg to keep snow and dirt out.
  • Dirt repellent.
  • Durable twill reinforcements on parts of the product extend the product's durability.
  • Durable triple stitched seams on leg and crotch extend product life.
  • Durable triple stitched seams on arms, shoulders and at the sides extending the products lifetime.
  • Durable triple stitched seams that extend the product life.
  • Adjustable and durable kneepad pocket, so kneepads are in best place for your knee.
  • Durable CORDURA® - reinforcement at the wrist to extend product life.
  • Slits at the sides.
  • Slits in the sleeves allow you to easily roll them up.
  • Slanted, spacious thigh pockets with easily accessible phone pocket.
  • Sloped chest pocket for mobile phone.
  • Hidden press stud fastening.
  • Braces of strong elastic are detachable and adjustable.
  • Can clip through a D-Ring.
  • Particularly suited to warm environments as this is light weight and has a high content of cotton.
  • Special design of the front pocket that allows easy access to the pocket content.
  • Trouser legs designed especially so that the fabric at the back does not bunch up when kneeling.
  • Spacious front pockets.
  • Spacious fit with adjustable waistband.
  • Spacious fit with pleat in the back.
  • Thick socks.
  • Robust and hard-wearing 100% leather.
  • Ribbed sides give extra freedom of movement.
  • Ribbed collar.
  • Ribbed inner waistband to keep the cold out.
  • Ribbed cuffs keep the jacket in place, even when working with your hands up.
  • Ribbed waist and cuffs.
  • Ribbed collar and sleeves.
  • Rib at neck, waist and arms.
  • Ribbed neck.
  • Ribbed cuff on leg.
  • Ribbed waist and cuffs.
  • Ribbed cuffs.
  • Adjustable at the back.
  • Adjustable hammer loops.
  • Adjustable cuffs.
  • Adjustable cuffs with hook and loop fastening.
  • Adjustable hammer loop.
  • Adjustable elastic drawstring at waist.
  • Drawstring.
  • Reflex stripes are not continuous in the sides to allow for greater freedom of movement.
  • Reflective strips around the leg, with the highest level of reflectivity, make the user more visible to others.
  • Quilted lining is a jacket in itself, approved to EN ISO 20471, with ribbed collar and removable sleeves.
  • Quilted lining and pile collar.
  • Quilted lining can be zipped out.
  • Quilted lining.
  • Lining of quilted fleece and quilt.
  • Fix to our leather MASCOT® Zanzibar belt.
  • Attaches with press studs.
  • Attaches with hidden press studs.
  • The product has a classic fit, MASCOT's most spacious fit, which gives a great freedom of movement.
  • Products in the natural material Merino wool keep you warm while the product's temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking and dirt-repellent properties provide a high level of comfort.
  • Poplin is a tightly woven and smooth shirt fabric.
  • Polyester is an extremely durable material.
  • Space for easy retrofitting of a laundry chip.
  • Pile lining can zip out.
  • Pile lining in body and quilted lining in the legs and sleeves.
  • Pile lining in the body and quilt lining in sleeves.
  • Fur lining at the neck.
  • Shock-absorbing insoles are removable, durable and ergonomic.
  • Stablised with TPU-inserts that also provide high durability to the heel when removing the shoes.
  • Stabilisation with MASCOT’s patented multi-function shank, makes our footwear suitable even when working on uneven surfaces or on ladders.
  • Stabilising shoes with a good ladder grip.
  • Durable, moisture absorbing and antistatic insoles.
  • Extra long lifetime with durable TPU reinforcement at the toe.
  • Slip resistant and hard wearing outsole (SRC-certified) - Oil and petrol resistant as well as resistant to certain chemicals.
  • Slip resistant and hard wearing rubber outsole (SRC-certified) - heat resistant up to 300 ° C.
  • Slip resistant, durable sole (SRC-certified).
  • Special closure prevents sparks entering the boot.
  • PU toe reinforcement increases durability significantly which prolongs the lifetime of the footwear.
  • Footwear with the patented Boa® closure system is a great help on a busy day. The Boa® closure system allows you to quickly get your shoes on and off.
  • Uppers of durable CORDURA®/Kevlar®/Dyneema®.
  • Uppers of durable CORDURA®.
  • Uppers of durable textile.
  • The possibility of adjustment with the help of a strap at the heel.
  • With optimised TPU arch support that can counteract the tendency to flat foot.
  • Hook & loop band fastening, which can be shortened.
  • Strong and durable hook and loop fastening can be shortened as needed.
  • Insulating lining of Thinsulate ™ Insulation ensures the foot stays warm despite the cold conditions.
  • Innovative carbon technology with a long-lasting effect against moisture and dirt.
  • Insole with optimal arch support that can counteract the tendency to flat foot.
  • Good air flow with net in the sides.
  • The front part of the shoe bends flexibly with the foot.
  • Moulded light scuff cap provides high abrasion resistance.
  • The flexible midsole protection of special textile increases comfort and protects against cold. In addition, the textile midsole is larger and better protects against nails and sharp objects in a wider area compared with a steel midsole.
  • Flame retardant Nomex® laces.
  • ETPU insert in the entire sole absorbs shock effectively, so the back and legs are protected with every step.
  • ESD Approved to DIN EN 61340-4-3: 2002 + DIN EN 61340-5-1: 2008.
  • ESD Approved to DIN EN 61340-4-3.
  • ESD Approved.
  • Ergonomically designed aluminum toe cap for freedom of movement.
  • Elastic uppers of durable textile almost feel like an extra sock – they fit close and flexibly to the foot and deliver high comfort.
  • Extremely durable PU scuff cap makes the footwear ideal for working on the knees.
  • Extra slip resistant, durable sole (SRC-certified).
  • Extra walking comfort with shock-absorbent cushioning under the forefoot and heel.
  • Application develops a net-like structure of polymer chains which makes the footwear water resistant, yet breathable.
  • Effective and long-lasting protection of all types of materials.
  • Double impact - both the removable insole and flexible PU / rubber sole are shock absorbent.
  • These shoes are completely free of metal with a textile midsole that makes them suitable, for example, for work at airports, and avoids the risk of thermal bridges.
  • These shoes are completely free of metal - a crucial advantage at airports.
  • The ergonomic aluminium toe cap provides more protection and gives greater freedom and comfort of movement.
  • The ergonomically formed aluminium toe cap gives better protection to the toes and avoids irritations when bending your foot.
  • Be seen – the reflective effect increases your safety.
  • Maintains the product's breathability and flexibility and refreshes the colour.
  • Breathable, windproof and water-repellent.
  • Breathable, wind and waterproof with taped seams.
  • Breathable, wind and waterproof MASCOTEX®, created for play and exploring in all types of weather conditions.
  • Breathable, wind and waterproof MASCOTEX® with taped seams.
  • Breathable and water-repellent.
  • Breathable and moisture absorbing.
  • Breathable, moisture absorbing and durable.
  • Breathable.
  • Wind and waterproof.
  • Windproof and water-repellent.
  • Windproof membrane.
  • Windproof lining at front and on sleeves.
  • Windproof lining.
  • Windproof.
  • Ventilated air holes.
  • Mesh with ventilation under the sleeves - opens with zip.
  • Ventilation under the arms.
  • Ventilation in the back.
  • Left chest area and upper back are suitable for logo printing.
  • Reversible.
  • Well-designed thigh pockets - the left with phone pocket and flap with magnetic fastening, and the right with pen pocket and pocket suited for a torch.
  • Well-designed holster pockets of durable CORDURA® can easily be zipped off when not in use, if they have to be emptied, or if the trousers need to be washed.
  • Suitable for closed footwear and as over-socks.
  • Suitable for industrial laundry of up to 60°C and drying with tunnel-finish.
  • Quilted with stretch fabric at the sides - effective body-warmer under a jacket.
  • Quilted lining.
  • Waterproof zips.
  • Waterproof extension at the back that can be folded down in the rain and cold.
  • Water-repellent.
  • Tool strap at the bottom of the back left pocket.
  • Tool straps on both sides.
  • Necessary for a day working on your knees.
  • Essential for the budding tradesmen.
  • Unique CLIMASCOT® insulation provides warmth without bulk. Lightweight, soft CLIMASCOT® insulation takes up almost no space when compressed.
  • Ultrasound welded polyester quilting with highly insulating polyester wadding, lasts longer than stitched quilting.
  • Wool works with the body and ensures the wearer feels dry and warm all day long.
  • Developed in an anti-bacterial material that neutralises odour.
  • Turtle neck with short zip.
  • Press stud adjustment at foot.
  • Press studs at side and foot so it can be easily pulled over boots.
  • Three lengths.
  • TPU arch support relieves and supports the arch.
  • Double and triple stitched seams on leg and crotch.
  • Double stitched seams on legs.
  • Ruler pocket and pen pocket in durable CORDURA® fabric.
  • Ruler pocket with Kevlar® reinforcement - particularly resistant to pointed and sharp objects.
  • Ruler pocket with reinforced opening.
  • Durable ruler pocket in 100% CORDURA®. Positioned to provide good freedom of movement.
  • Ruler pocket of CORDURA® with extra pockets.
  • Ruler pocket.
  • Quick drying - important to avoid cooling of the body.
  • Two inner pockets, one with zip.
  • Two different breast pockets - one with flap and D-ring and one with vertical zipper for easy access to a phone.
  • Thermax® is an insulating and moisture wicking three layer fabric.
  • Integrated phone pocket in the right pocket.
  • Breathable textile lining and textile inserts in the shaft for better airflow.
  • Breathable by means of small ventilation holes.
  • The outsole of hard wearing PU is transfer resistant (non-marking). Very slip resistant sole/SRC.
  • Waterproof and breathable Sympatex® membrane.
  • The weight of the footwear is among the lowest on the market.
  • Removable insole with optimal arch support that can counteract the tendency to flat foot.
  • Without solvents.
  • The composite toecap is completely free of metal. The composite material does not conduct heat or cold, so the composite toecap provides extra comfort in both hot and cold surroundings.
  • Three-layer ankle protection absorbs and spreads the pressure and impact on the ankle, certified according to EN ISO 20345.
  • Sole of PU/rubber is especially designed for demanding environments and can resist temperatures up to 300° C contact heat.
  • The sole is oil and petrol resistant as well as resistant to certain chemicals and heat up to 300 ° C contact heat.
  • The sole is oil and petrol resistant.
  • Extremely shock-absorbing High Poly Tech foam in the entire sole.
  • Superior comfort with shock absorbing zones in both the heel and sole.
  • Great comfort with a shock-absorbing midsole.
  • Shock-absorbing insole of EVA. Breathable and with TPU arch support. The footwear is ESD approved with this insole.
  • Shock-absorbing insole of EVA. Breathable and with TPU arch support.
  • Shock-absorbing, soft and flexible two-component sole of PU/PU.
  • Shock-absorbing, light and flexible insole.
Stainless steel laced Boa® closure system with easy closure and quick click-opening. Composite toe cap. Mid-sole of special textile material. Stabilising multi-function shank with integrated absorbing cushioning. Non-marking sole – no scuff marks. Two-component sole of PU/TPU. Sole is oil and petrol resistant. Suitable for working on the knees. PU toe reinforcement. 3.5mm profile depth. Ladder grip. Shock-absorbing insoles are removable, durable and ergonomic. Absorbs and removes moisture. Heel cap. ESD Approved to DIN EN 61340-4-3: 2002 + DIN EN 61340-5-1: 2008. Certified to EN ISO 20345 2011, safety class S3 SRC.


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