EN 61482-1-2

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MASCOT® Arbon hi-vis yellow/dark navy
13879 - 216

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MASCOT® Davos hi-vis yellow/dark navy
Bib & brace
13869 - 216

From GBP 253.80

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MASCOT® Arosa dark navy
13679 - 216

From GBP 146.64

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MASCOT® Oron dark navy
Bib & brace
13669 - 216

From GBP 190.92

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MASCOT® Romont dark navy
Work jacket
13609 - 216

From GBP 159.48

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MASCOT® Bex dark navy MASCOT® Bex royal MASCOT® Bex dark anthracite
06679 - 135

From GBP 65.88

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MASCOT® Freibourg dark navy MASCOT® Freibourg royal MASCOT® Freibourg dark anthracite
Bib & brace
06669 - 135

From GBP 92.64

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MASCOT® Baar dark navy MASCOT® Baar dark anthracite
06619 - 135

From GBP 123.48

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MASCOT® Visp dark navy MASCOT® Visp royal MASCOT® Visp dark anthracite
Work jacket
06609 - 135

From GBP 76.68

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EN 61482-1-2MASCOT products certified to EN 61482-1-2 protect the user from brief exposure to electrical arcs. MASCOT products are tested and certified in accordance with test method 1-2, meaning the box test. This means that safety clothing with EN 61482-1-2 is tested and certified only in relation to direct expose to an electrical arc on a limited area on the front of the garment. In addition, the safety clothing is only certified to protect against short-term exposure. Safety clothing certified to EN 61482-1-2 does not offer protection from electric shock. It is important to notice that safety clothing with EN 61482-1-2 is not suited to protect the wearer in environments with possibility of heavy exposure to electrical arcs.

EN 61482-1-2-certified safety clothing is classified in two classes of protection. Safety clothing certified in class 2 offers the best protection for the user.