EN ISO 14116

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MASCOT® Visp dark navy MASCOT® Visp royal MASCOT® Visp dark anthracite
Work jacket
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MASCOT® Bex dark navy MASCOT® Bex royal MASCOT® Bex dark anthracite
06679 - 135

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MASCOT® Lungern hi-vis orange/navy MASCOT® Lungern hi-vis yellow/navy
06831 - 064

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MASCOT® Freibourg dark navy MASCOT® Freibourg royal MASCOT® Freibourg dark anthracite
Bib & brace
06669 - 135

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MASCOT® Ternitz royal MASCOT® Ternitz dark anthracite
09004 - 142

From GBP 64.08

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EN ISO 20471The EN ISO 14116 standard describes safety clothing, materials and material combinations with limited flame spread. MASCOT workwear certified to EN ISO 14116 reduces the risk of the clothing catching fire and causing danger to the wearer. Products from the MASCOT® MULTISAFE collection are certified to EN ISO 14116. That way, these products protect the user from brief contact with extreme heat or sparks. If you work in environments that require longer-term exposure to extreme heat, you should wear additional protection.