Thermal Hazard Protection

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MASCOT® Baar dark navy MASCOT® Baar dark anthracite
Boilersuit with kneepad pockets
06619 - 135

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MASCOT® Freibourg dark navy MASCOT® Freibourg royal MASCOT® Freibourg dark anthracite
Bib & Brace with kneepad pockets
06669 - 135

From GBP 99.60

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MASCOT® Bex dark navy MASCOT® Bex royal MASCOT® Bex dark anthracite
Trousers with holster pockets
06679 - 135

From GBP 70.80

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MASCOT® Romont dark navy
13609 - 216

From GBP 171.48

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MASCOT® Oron dark navy
Bib & Brace with kneepad pockets
13669 - 216

From GBP 205.20

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MASCOT® Arosa dark navy
Trousers with holster pockets
13679 - 216

From GBP 157.56

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MASCOT® Davos hi-vis yellow/dark navy
Bib & Brace with kneepad pockets
13869 - 216

From GBP 272.76

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MASCOT® Arbon hi-vis yellow/dark navy
Trousers with holster pockets
13879 - 216

From GBP 217.08

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MASCOT® Visp dark navy MASCOT® Visp royal MASCOT® Visp dark anthracite
06609 - 135

From GBP 82.68

MASCOT safety workwear with thermal protection is aimed at users who are exposed to electric arcs. Workwear with thermal protection is easily recognized by the EN 61482-1-2 standard. The numbers ‘1’ and ‘2’ indicates test methods. Look up EN numbers on this site and read more about the standard indicating safety workwear that protects against thermal hazards and electric arcs.

As with all other MASCOT workwear, you are guaranteed top quality when wearing clothing against thermal hazards. You will not find better products anywhere else, which is why many businesses use clothing from this category. In this category here at, you will find workwear such as bib & braces, work trousers, overalls, jackets and underwear. All products are certified and approved for use against thermal hazards. If you work in a company where high quality safety workwear is necessary to create a great work environment, you have come to the right place. You are always welcome to call us or write us an email, if you wish to learn more about workwear against thermal hazards. In addition to protecting against electric arcs, the clothing on this site also protects you against a range of other things. This is due to the fact that our clothing is part of the MASCOT MULTISAFE collection. In example, some of the clothing is certified to EN ISO 20471. Select a product that protects against thermal hazards and learn more about their many features.