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MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FLEX shoes are among the lightest weight footwear on the market, and the flexibility at the forefoot is in a class of its own. It’s time to say goodbye to heavy, stiff footwear that leads to soreness in the feet and the back, and say hello to MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FLEX.


Footwear of the SP1 safety class

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Safety shoe S1P with laces black/silver
Safety shoes
F0126 - 774

From GBP 98.52

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Safety shoe S1P with Boa® closure black/hi-vis yellow Safety shoe S1P with Boa® closure black/light anthracite
Safety shoes
F0125 - 773

From GBP 167.94

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Safety shoe S1P with laces black/hi-vis yellow Safety shoe S1P with laces black/light anthracite
Safety shoes
F0124 - 773

From GBP 101.04

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Footwear of the S3 safety class

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Safety shoe S3 with laces black
Safety shoes
F0127 - 775

From GBP 102.24

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Safety shoe S3 with Boa® closure black/silver
Safety shoes
F0122 - 771

From GBP 181.20

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Safety shoe S3 with laces black/silver Safety shoe S3 with laces black/red
Safety shoes
F0121 - 770

From GBP 96.12

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Safety boot (mid cut) S3 with laces black
Safety boots
F0128 - 775

From GBP 107.94

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More S3 safety footwear


No metal means low weight
The low weight of the shoes is achieved through a variety of factors. The shoe is provided without any metal parts; the toe cap is of composite, while the mid-sole is made of a special textile. With a textile mid-sole, you also avoid being affected by particularly cold or warm weather as composite and textile are non-conductive.

Extraordinary comfort when active
By adding textile mid-soles to the shoes, they become more flexible than shoes with metal mid-soles. This allows the shoes to follow the natural movements of the forefoot when walking, and when kneeling. In addition, the shoes have shock-absorbing soles that make the shoes feel extremely comfortable to walk in, and shock-absorbing insoles that counteract the tendency to flat foot.

Stability when working on uneven surfaces
Stability is required at the back of the shoe, so an insert is placed here to stabilise the feet when working on uneven surfaces, ladders and the like. Shoes that bend in the wrong places or do not properly stabilise the feet can cause tired and achy feet.

Two different closing systems
You can choose from two different closing systems, depending on which fits your work situation. With the Boa® closure, you can put on and take off the shoes very quickly. It has stainless steel laces that distribute the pressure on the instep evenly, so you avoid any chafing or pinching. You can also choose the classic lace closure if the shoes must be completely metal-free.

The highest class of safety

All of the shoes in this range are approved for the highest class of slip-resistant soles and are, of course, approved in accordance with EN ISO 20345. You can choose between the security classes S1P and S3, where the S3 shoes are water-repellent, in accordance with the norm.