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Official supplier for Audi Sport: MASCOT is official supplier of workwear to Audi Sport’s factory-backed team in FIA Formula E Championship, the world’s first fully-electric street racing series.

Official Audi Sport products
With more than 600 products in MASCOT’s assortment, Audi Sport had many products to choose from.
You can buy your own Audi Sport outfit – A mix of MASCOT’s most popular ranges: MASCOT® ADVANCED, MASCOT® UNIQUE and MASCOT® CROSSOVER




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MASCOT® Bielefeld red/black MASCOT® Bielefeld green/black MASCOT® Bielefeld white/dark anthracite MASCOT® Bielefeld black/dark anthracite MASCOT® Bielefeld royal/dark navy MASCOT® Bielefeld dark anthracite/black MASCOT® Bielefeld light khaki/black
50568 - 959

From GBP 26.28

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MASCOT® Dresden red/black MASCOT® Dresden green/black MASCOT® Dresden white/dark anthracite MASCOT® Dresden royal/dark navy MASCOT® Dresden dark anthracite/black MASCOT® Dresden light khaki/black MASCOT® Dresden anthracite/black
Softshell jacket
12002 - 149

From GBP 91.80

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MASCOT® Erding red/black MASCOT® Erding green/black MASCOT® Erding white/dark anthracite MASCOT® Erding royal/dark navy MASCOT® Erding dark anthracite/black MASCOT® Erding light khaki/black
Thermal jacket
15615 - 249

From GBP 95.40

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MASCOT® Bandol bright orange MASCOT® Bandol raspberry red MASCOT® Bandol violet blue MASCOT® Bandol dusty turquoise MASCOT® Bandol petroleum MASCOT® Bandol azure blue MASCOT® Bandol anthracite MASCOT® Bandol sunflower yellow MASCOT® Bandol light blue MASCOT® Bandol light khaki MASCOT® Bandol grass green MASCOT® Bandol dark anthracite MASCOT® Bandol royal MASCOT® Bandol black MASCOT® Bandol grey MASCOT® Bandol white MASCOT® Bandol green MASCOT® Bandol red MASCOT® Bandol dark navy MASCOT® Bandol navy MASCOT® Bandol deep black MASCOT® Bandol lime green MASCOT® Bandol traffic red
Polo shirt
51587 - 969

From GBP 17.40

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Trousers with kneepad pockets, stretch light khaki Trousers with kneepad pockets, stretch dark petroleum Trousers with kneepad pockets, stretch dark anthracite Trousers with kneepad pockets, stretch black Trousers with kneepad pockets, stretch white Trousers with kneepad pockets, stretch dark navy

From GBP 89.94

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Trousers, Dyneema® kneepad pockets, str. light khaki Trousers, Dyneema® kneepad pockets, str. dark petroleum Trousers, Dyneema® kneepad pockets, str. dark anthracite Trousers, Dyneema® kneepad pockets, str. black Trousers, Dyneema® kneepad pockets, str. white Trousers, Dyneema® kneepad pockets, str. dark navy

From GBP 119.94

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MASCOT® Bandol | CROSSOVER Polo Shirt | 51587-969 (colour number 02)



Worldwide innovative racing series
Formula E consists of ten teams and 20 drivers who delivers racing to 11 cities through 14 races. It is a world-class race over five continents, throughout the seven-month season. During Formula E, MASCOT’s workwear will be tested under extreme conditions when the mechanics have to perform in the pit in a tenth of a second in all temperatures and surroundings. You can follow the races on Eurosport.

Audi Sport is looking to win – just as MASCOT is an award winning company in its field. It was latest recognised with the European Leadership Award by the research firm Frost & Sullivan.



Products with freedom of movement for changing weather
Do you need freedom of movement in your workwear, just as the mechanics that have to perform in the pit? Do you work in changing weather? The stretch material in the MASCOT® ADVANCED trousers 17179 is with four-way stretch that gives the necessary freedom of movement with nothing that tightens or bothers. The effective ventilation at the knee area and the water-repellent surface make them suited for working in changing temperatures and surroundings.

One of the advantages of MASCOT’s wide assortment is that you can mix and match the different ranges. As Audi Sport’s company colour is red, they complete their professional look with red workwear. They can also have their company logo printed or embroidered on the products. The polo shirt 51587 has a modern fit and is ideal for warm working conditions. The long-sleeved T-shirt 50568 in red with black stripes is suitable for the colder locations. The softshell jacket 12002 and the thermal jacket 15615 make sure that the Audi Sport team is protected against the wind and rain.