Quality safety footwear with carbon fibre toe caps and high shock absorption 


The MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CARBON range comprises products made from the best materials, with innovative features and an attractive design.

The shoes and sandals in this range have toe caps made from carbon fibre, which is a very light, yet very tough material that makes the toe caps extraordinarily strong and resistant to both impact and pressure.



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Safety Shoe black/royal Safety Shoe black/black
Safety Shoe
F0250 - 909

From GBP 161.40

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Safety Sandal black/royal Safety Sandal black/black
Safety Sandal
F0252 - 909

From GBP 198.24

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Safety Shoe black/royal Safety Shoe black/black
Safety Shoe
F0251 - 909

From GBP 198.24


Shock-absorbing soles for high walking comfort


Footwear in the CARBON range gives you a high level of walking comfort all day long. The soles are made from a foam material called XL EXTRALIGHT® EVA. These soles are light and flexible, and give the footwear an overall low weight, high walking comfort and an increased level of shock absorption.

The sole absorbs the surface impact that would otherwise normally spread and lead to soreness and fatigue in your legs, back and body. The result is superior walking comfort and a reduced tired-leg feeling after a long day of work.


Flexible nail protection for guaranteed peace of mind


In this range, MASCOT has chosen to add a MASCOLAYER® textile midsole, giving the footwear the best possible features. The nail protection has a low weight and is soft and flexible, allowing for easy movement of the foot and thus a high level of comfort.

Thanks to the flexible nail protection, the shoes follow the natural movements of your feet whenever you walk or kneel. The footwear in this range also comes with extra reinforcement in the toe.


Outer material in recycled polyester


Footwear in the CARBON range comes with outer material that is made from 50% recycled polyester.


Available with laces or the BOA® Fit System


To get the most out of footwear in the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CARBON range, you have a choice of two fastening systems. If you are looking for a completely metal-free shoe, then choose footwear that fastens with laces. But if you need to take your shoes on and off quickly, then choose footwear with the BOA® Fit System.

The light-weight stainless steel laces evenly distribute the pressure on the metatarsus and ensure that your footwear fits securely around your feet, giving you stable and supportive walking comfort on all surfaces.