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  • Elastic uppers of durable textile almost feel like an extra sock – they fit close and flexibly to the foot and deliver high comfort.
  • Removable insole with optimal arch support that can counteract the tendency to flat foot.
  • The flexible and light MASCOLAYER® textile nail protection guarantees optimum protection and excellent walking comfort.
  • The composite toecap is completely free of metal. The composite material does not conduct heat or cold, so the composite toecap provides extra comfort in both hot and cold surroundings.
  • ETPU insert in the entire sole absorbs shock effectively, so the back and legs are protected with every step.
  • Shock-absorbing, soft and flexible two-component sole of PU/PU.
  • ESD Approved.
The front part of the shoe bends flexibly with the foot. Metal free. Uppers of durable flexible textile. Lace fastening. Composite toe cap. MASCOLAYER® nail protection. Insert in the midsole of shock-absorbing lightweight material. Shock-absorbing, soft and flexible two-component sole of PU/PU. Durable non-marking outsole. TPU toe reinforcement. Heat resistant sole up to 140°C. Ladder grip. 5.0mm profile depth. Removable insoles with optimal arch support that can counteract the tendency to flat foot. Sole is oil and petrol resistant. ESD Approved to EN IEC 61340-4-3: 2002.

Shoes and boots with midsole and toe cap. Not water resistant. Footwear with an ESD label avoid electrostatic charging and are able to conduct away controlled static electricity from the body. This will avoid damages to, for example, sensitive electronic components. Excellent traction with ultra slip resistant soles. Approved by both SRA (tested with soap on ceramics) and SRB (tested with glycerol on steel), which automatically achieves the best standard for slip-resistant soles, SRC. The DGUV Regel 112-191 refers to foot and knee protection. More concretely, it means that each orthopaedic shoe modification or usage of an insole must be confirmed by an independent testing institute to ensure that the safety shoe still conforms to the requirements of its safety class (e.g. S3 or S1P). Therefore, orthopaedic modifications on MASCOT shoes can only be performed by the company Mander-Malms Schuhtechnik GmbH. EN ISO 20345 is a European standard for safety footwear that ensures that safety shoes, boots and sandals conform to the necessary requirements of working in areas where safety is a high priority. All safety footwear from MASCOT® FOOTWEAR is certified in accordance with EN ISO 20345.


100% polyamide

Treatment & Certificates

FT088-980-88 Impregnation Spray FT089-980-88 Foam cleaning set


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