Holster Pockets

19450126 - 14 - 014
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Holster pockets
19450 - 126

From GBP 21.00 incl. VAT

11011012 - 010 - 001
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Holster pockets
11011 - 012

From GBP 21.54 incl. VAT

50164990 - 09 - 009
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Hammer Holder
50164 - 990

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50413990 - A56 - 999
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ID Card Holder
50413 - 990

From GBP 2.88 incl. VAT

Hammer holders, ID card holders, pockets and more

Discover a wide selection of holster pockets, hammer holders, ID card holders and much more, from the manufacturer MASCOT right here at MASCOTwebshop.co.uk. We offer workwear accessories at great prices and guarantee quick and safe delivery right to your doorstep.

For MASCOT, flexibility is essential in the design and production of workwear and accessories. As a craftsman or any other type of professional doing manual labour, you need your workwear to be comfortable and functional in all aspects. When you add features such as MASCOT holster pockets to your regular work trousers, you increase the functionality of your trousers. Other accessories such as hammer holders and ID card holders allow you to individually design your work trousers so that they suit your needs at work perfectly.

MASCOT holster pockets are available in several variants here at MASCOTwebshop.co.uk. All holster pockets from MASCOT are made from great, durable materials and are designed to fit the wide selection of work trousers from the Danish manufacturer. The holster pockets have a solid attachment system and thus stay on once you have added them to your work belt.

Browse through the selection of holster pockets, ID card holders and hammer holders available on this site and discover your options.