The MASCOT® WebShop features a wide range of work footwear. MASCOT's range includes work footwear both with and without safety components. This allows you to choose work footwear for your exact needs. You will find everything from safety shoes and safety bootsto safety sandals and trainers.Whether your working environment requires your footwear to be wear resistant, flexible or water-repellent, you are guaranteed to find the right footwear for you at MASCOT.

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Safety Boot
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Safety Shoe
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Safety Boot
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Safety Boot
F1003 - 715

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Wide range of work footwear

Thanks to MASCOT's extensive range, you are certain to find work footwear that suits your exact needs and preferences. MASCOT's safety footwear is certified with EN ISO 20345. What this means for you is that when you wear safety footwear from MASCOT, you can rest assured that it meets the highest safety standards. MASCOT offers work footwear for anyone who works in building and construction, trade, industry, or the food industry. MASCOT's shoe sizes range from 35-50, which means they fit both men and women.

Safety first

Do you work in an environment where your feet are at risk of exposure to chemicals, pressure or falling objects? Explore MASCOT's wide range of safety footwear. We offer safety shoes, sandals and boots in safety classes S1, S1P, S2, S3, S4 and S5. Alle safety classes include footwear with features such as toe caps, closed heels, soles made from oil and petrol resistant materials, as well as anti-static, breathable and slip resistant properties. The different safety classes are split according to whether the footwear has e.g. water-repellent or waterproof properties, or whether it comes with or without nail protection. When choosing safety footwear, make sure you to first check which safety class your employer requires you to follow.

Innovative materials and comfort

Safety comes first, but comfort for your feet is also important. MASCOT always strives to ensure that the safety footwear gives you the right fit and optimum comfort, so that you can wear it comfortably all day, every day. If you are looking for footwear that is extremely light, shock absorbing and/or flexible, then check out MASCOT's footwear ranges with soles made from innovative materials such as ETPU or EVA foam. Check out MASCOT® FOOTWEAR MOVE, MASCOT® FOOTWEAR ENERGY and MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CARBON.

MASCOT's range of footwear also includes a wide choice of safety footwear with the BOA® Fit System, which makes it very easy for you to pull your footwear on and off during a busy working day. Simply adjust the dial to regulate the laces, and enjoy an optimum fit all day long.

Work footwear without safety components

Safety footwear not essential for you? MASCOT's range of work footwear also includes trainers without safety components. MASCOT's trainers are for those who work in environments where safety is not required. Even though MASCOT's trainers do not have safety components, you still get the same high quality you know from MASCOT's other ranges. Find your next work footwear here on MASCOT's webshop.