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MASCOT® Halden black
Neck warmer
50562 - 940

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GBP 21.60

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Neck Warmer, insulating, flecked dark anthracite flecked
Neck warmer
18250 - 803

From GBP 23.90
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MASCOT® Kalmar navy
Neck warmer
00781 - 380

From GBP 10.85
GBP 13.56

Stay warm with a MASCOT neck warmer

In this category here at you can have a closer look at our excellent selection of neck warmers from MASCOT – an internationally recognised Danish company.

If your profession requires you to work outdoors, wearing a neck warmer is essential, especially during the cold months of winter. Cold and wind can easily penetrate the collar of your jacket and cause discomfort or, at worst, cause you to catch a cold. Avoid chilling and discomfort by wearing a practical MASCOT neck warmer that is both easy and effortless to wear.

MASCOT has developed a number of different neck warmers for work, most of which are carried in our selection right here at Several of the models are made from moisture-wicking fabrics that sweat is transported away from the body during work. In addition, this type of material has a cooling effect in warm temperatures and an insulating effect when working in low temperatures and is thus perfectly suited for physically demanding labour.

The neck warmers available on this site are adjustable to ensure a perfect individual fit. You can loosen them in case you feel too hot and tighten them if cold weather sets in.

Just like all other types of workwear and accessories from Danish MASCOT, their neck warmers have a well thought out and practical design suitable for all kinds of professions.

Buy your MASCOT neck warmers here at and have them delivered quickly and safely right at your doorstep.