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LPA 15590231-17
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MASCOT® Belfast hi-vis yellow MASCOT® Belfast hi-vis orange
Over Trousers
15590 - 231

From GBP 113.88

LPA 17531860-0917
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Trousers with holster pockets black/hi-vis yellow Trousers with holster pockets dark navy/hi-vis yellow
Trousers with holster pockets
17531 - 860

From GBP 114.12

LPA 20879236-14010
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Trousers with kneepad pockets hi-vis orange/dark anthracite Trousers with kneepad pockets hi-vis orange/dark navy
Trousers with holster pockets
20879 - 236

From GBP 108.00

LPA 20882995-14
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T-shirt hi-vis orange T-shirt hi-vis yellow
20882 - 995

From GBP 55.08

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¾ Length Trousers with kneepad pockets hi-vis yellow ¾ Length Trousers with kneepad pockets hi-vis orange
¾ Length Trousers with holster pockets
17549 - 860

From GBP 93.48

LPA 18281995-14
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T-shirt, long-sleeved hi-vis red T-shirt, long-sleeved hi-vis yellow T-shirt, long-sleeved hi-vis orange
18281 - 995

From GBP 67.08

LPA 18282995-14
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T-shirt hi-vis yellow T-shirt hi-vis orange T-shirt hi-vis red
18282 - 995

From GBP 61.80

LPA 18512246-14
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Softshell Jacket hi-vis red Softshell Jacket hi-vis yellow Softshell Jacket hi-vis orange
Softshell Jacket
18512 - 246

From GBP 136.80

LPA 18545231-222
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Winter Jacket hi-vis red Winter Jacket hi-vis yellow Winter Jacket hi-vis orange
Winter Jacket
18545 - 231

From GBP 205.20

LPA 00535880-14
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MASCOT® Kaprun hi-vis orange
Pilot Jacket
00535 - 880

From GBP 173.88

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MASCOT® MacAllen hi-vis orange
00544 - 660

From GBP 20.28

LPA 00554660-14
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MASCOT® Sölden hi-vis orange
Winter Gilet
00554 - 660

From GBP 80.28

LPA 00592880-14
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MASCOT® Lech hi-vis orange
Winter Bib & Brace
00592 - 880

From GBP 141.60

LPA 00920660-141
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MASCOT® Livigno hi-vis orange/navy MASCOT® Livigno hi-vis yellow/navy
Pilot Jacket
00920 - 660

From GBP 158.88

LPA 00930880-141
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MASCOT® Savona hi-vis orange/navy MASCOT® Savona hi-vis yellow/navy
Parka Jacket
00930 - 880

From GBP 173.88

LPA 50187874-14
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MASCOT® Weyburn hi-vis orange MASCOT® Weyburn hi-vis yellow
Traffic Vest
50187 - 874

From GBP 10.68

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Reflective clothing from MASCOT

Hi-vis clothing is your guarantee when working in dark surroundings. The company MASCOT offers an excellent and wide selection of hi-vis workwear, available right here at MASCOTwebshop.co.uk. Hi-vis reflective clothing from MASCOT cover your every need with regards to high quality and safe workwear, and allows you to be visible while you are working.

Our hi-vis workwear can be found in fluorescent colours such as red, orange and yellow that attracts attention even in dark surroundings. Furthermore, reflective effects are incorporated into the design of the hi-vis workwear. Whether it is reflective tape on the pockets and along the seams, the reflective effects are always a natural part of the clothing’s design.

Within the collection of hi-vis workwear from MASCOT you will find jackets, waterproof clothing, fleece shirts and work trousers, bib & braces and more. We carry the full range of products here at MASCOTwebshop.co.uk, in order to offer you easy access to excellent and durable hi-vis workwear. You are guaranteed the best quality on the market. If you are already familiar with MASCOT workwear, you know that the design and fit is always perfect, regardless of whether you need a brand new hi-vis work jacket or a pair of bib & braces with reflective tape.