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Hat dark anthracite flecked
18350 - 803

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Knitted Hat black
Knitted hat
18150 - 807

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MASCOT® Visby navy
Knitted hat
00780 - 380

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MASCOT® Kisa dark navy MASCOT® Kisa black
Knitted hat
50077 - 843

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MASCOT® Tribeca petroleum MASCOT® Tribeca light khaki MASCOT® Tribeca dark anthracite/light grey-flecked MASCOT® Tribeca black MASCOT® Tribeca dark navy
Knitted hat
50603 - 974

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MASCOT® Kindu black
50604 - 380

From GBP 20.64

Knitted hat, trapper cap or another type of hat?

Did you know that you lose 80 per cent of your body heat through your head? If you want to avoid chilling when you work outdoors during the cold winter months, we here at recommend that you buy a high quality knitted hat for work. Have a look at the excellent selection of knitted hats from MASCOT that we carry here on this site.

The great knitted hats on this site are available in both black and white as well as a range of other colours. You will easily find a model that you like among our range of knitted hats.

When it comes to workwear accessories for the winter months, MASCOT has specialised in the production of knitted hats. They use Thermax, which is a triple layered material made of polyester, modal and cotton. The fabric is moisture-wicking and heat-insulating.

All high quality knitted hats from MASCOT are extremely durable. They are designed to offer a comfortable fit while keeping your head warm, even at very low temperatures and under heavy wind and rain.

If you work as a craftsman or in the industrial sector and want solid quality at reasonable prices, we here at recommend that you choose workwear and winter accessories such as knitted hats made by MASCOT.