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MASCOT knee protectors for professionals

When wearing knee pads from MASCOT, you will be guaranteed safe knees and excellent comfort when performing work which requires complete freedom of movement in different positions and which is carried out under demanding conditions. Here on the, we have made every effort to ensure a good range of different knee pad and knee protector models.

As a tradesperson, you will often need to adopt different working positions which may involve sitting down or resting on your knees, for example. Sitting in such a way for longer stretches at a time can put a lot of strain on your knees, which is why the use of knee pads is recommended.
All MASCOT knee pads are approved in accordance with EN 14404 Type 2, Class 1 together with our certified work trousers. 
Knee pads can be inserted into kneepad pockets whenever they are needed. This means the pads can be easily removed from their pockets and will not get in the way when you do not need knee protection.

The knee pads which MASCOT produces and which are sold here on are of the highest quality. They ensure the best possible level of protection for your knees, providing excellent comfort and support. The pads are made from a soft yet solid foam material which provides a soft surface for the knees and which absorbs shock and impact, allowing you to work on undisturbed.

EN 14404

EN 14404 is a European standard which establishes requirements for knee pads in order to best protect the user's knees. In accordance with the standard, knee pads are tested on the basis of different requirements such as impact absorption and their ability to prevent sharp or pointed objects from penetrating the material.

In order to achieve the optimum level of protection under EN 14404, you must use MASCOT knee pads together with the workwear trousers for which they are certified. Certification is only achieved when combining certified knee pads with the trousers for which they are certified. MASCOT knee pads are certified in accordance with EN 14404, Type 2, Class 1. Some MASCOT knee pads can be shortened to fit all types of trousers while still retaining their EN 14404 certification.