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MASCOT® Renens hi-vis yellow/dark navy
Winter trousers
13892 - 217

GBP 397.08

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MASCOT® Biel hi-vis yellow/dark navy
Work jacket
13809 - 216

GBP 235.20

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MASCOT® Lungern royal/navy
06830 - 064

GBP 194.04

05192064-141 05192064-171
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MASCOT® Zug hi-vis orange/navy MASCOT® Zug hi-vis yellow/navy
Bib & brace
05192 - 064

GBP 237.84

06619135-010 06619135-18
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MASCOT® Baar dark navy MASCOT® Baar dark anthracite
06619 - 135

GBP 115.68

06679135-010 06679135-11 06679135-18
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MASCOT® Bex dark navy MASCOT® Bex royal MASCOT® Bex dark anthracite
06679 - 135

GBP 61.08

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MASCOT® Arbon hi-vis yellow/dark navy
13879 - 216

GBP 187.32

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MASCOT® Davos hi-vis yellow/dark navy
Bib & brace
13869 - 216

GBP 235.20

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MASCOT® Emmen hi-vis yellow/dark navy
Winter jacket
13830 - 217

GBP 397.08

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MASCOT® Olten dark navy
Under shirt
50121 - 929

GBP 55.80

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MASCOT® Oron dark navy
Bib & brace
13669 - 216

GBP 176.76

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MASCOT® Romont dark navy
Work jacket
13609 - 216

GBP 147.60

09004142-10 09004142-11 09004142-18
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MASCOT® Ternitz MASCOT® Ternitz royal MASCOT® Ternitz dark anthracite
09004 - 142

GBP 59.16

06831064-141 06831064-171
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MASCOT® Lungern hi-vis orange/navy MASCOT® Lungern hi-vis yellow/navy
06831 - 064

GBP 272.28

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MASCOT® Horgen dark navy
50120 - 928

GBP 69.96

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MASCOT® Arosa dark navy
13679 - 216

GBP 135.60

06669135-010 06669135-11 06669135-18
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MASCOT® Freibourg dark navy MASCOT® Freibourg royal MASCOT® Freibourg dark anthracite
Bib & brace
06669 - 135

GBP 85.80

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MASCOT® Zermatt dark navy
Under trousers
50122 - 929

GBP 49.92

06609135-010 06609135-11 06609135-18
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MASCOT® Visp dark navy MASCOT® Visp royal MASCOT® Visp dark anthracite
Work jacket
06609 - 135

GBP 70.44

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MASCOT® Muri dark navy
50119 - 927

GBP 46.44

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MASCOT® Zug royal/navy
Bib & brace
05092 - 064

GBP 210.84

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MASCOT® MULTISAFE is a collection of multi-purpose safety clothing and workwear with focus on integrating safety in every detail. The collection offers multi-protective clothing with a unique combination of the highest safety, the best features and excellent comfort. MASCOT has chosen to focus especially on safety in the production of MASCOT® MULTISAFE. The new generation of multi-protective clothing is made from high-quality materials in which the flame retardant properties are woven in during production. This prevents the flame retardant properties on multi-protective clothing from the new MASCOT® MULTISAFE line from being washed out over time. In addition, the fabric is durable and treated with a stain-resistant Teflon® coating, ensuring that the fluorescent clothing remain clean and highly visible for a longer period of time.

Multi-protective clothing from MASCOT® MULTISAFE meet a wide range of standards set by the workwear and safety clothing industry. Safety clothing from MASCOT® MULTISAFE are certified to the EN ISO 20471 standard for visible workwear. In addition, the products feature extra reflective effects as an addition to the required standard. Furthermore, the products from the MASCOT® MULTISAFE collection protect against welding and electric arcs and are certified to the EN 13034 standard for protection against liquid chemicals.

Although the products from MASCOT® MULTISAFE are equipped with several protective features, they are still extremely soft and comfortable to wear. Due to the excellent ergonomic fit that follows the movements of the body, the workwear and safety clothing are perfect for physically active workdays. The product range of MASCOT® MULTISAFE workwear is wide, and you are guaranteed to be able to find top-quality protective clothing that suit your needs and give you excellent comfort regardless of weather and temperatures.

The MASCOT® MULTISAFE collection includes: jackets, shirts, trousers, bib & braces and overalls. The MASCOT® MULTISAFE products have been developed in close cooperation with the final users. The clothing have been part of MASCOT's test program, which includes consulting users and letting them test the clothing during their daily work. That way, MASCOT ensures that the MASCOT® MULTISAFE products are designed so that they are perfectly suited for just the kind of work that a user of multi-protective clothing performs and contains the features that is required of such workwear.