MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME is an innovative hi-vis range of top class safety workwear. The range combines high safety, a sublime fit and functional details - all in one range - for contractors and craftsmen with very specific requirements for their safety workwear. By selecting safety workwear from MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME, you get safety workwear with the highest level of safety on the market, certified according to EN ISO 20471.

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LPA 50126932-14010
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MASCOT® Wigton hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Wigton hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Wigton hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Wigton hi-vis yellow/black MASCOT® Wigton hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Wigton hi-vis red/dark anthracite
50126 - 932

From GBP 86.28

LPA 50127933-14010
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MASCOT® Sandwell hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Sandwell hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Sandwell hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Sandwell hi-vis yellow/black MASCOT® Sandwell hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Sandwell hi-vis red/dark anthracite
50127 - 933

From GBP 74.28

LPA 50130933-14010
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MASCOT® Murton hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Murton hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Murton hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Murton hi-vis yellow/black MASCOT® Murton hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Murton hi-vis red/dark anthracite
Polo Shirt, long-sleeved
50130 - 933

From GBP 76.80

LPA 50138932-14010
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MASCOT® Corby hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Corby hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Corby hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Corby hi-vis yellow/black MASCOT® Corby hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Corby hi-vis red/dark anthracite
Hoodie with zipper
50138 - 932

From GBP 109.08

LPA 50145977-14
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MASCOT® Wingate hi-vis orange MASCOT® Wingate hi-vis yellow
Traffic Vest
50145 - 977

From GBP 28.68

LPA 50145982-222
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MASCOT® Wingate hi-vis red
Traffic Vest
50145 - 982

From GBP 34.92

LPA 50216310-14
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MASCOT® Packwood hi-vis red MASCOT® Packwood hi-vis yellow MASCOT® Packwood hi-vis orange
Traffic Vest
50216 - 310

From GBP 19.32

LPA 15501231-14010
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MASCOT® Harlow hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Harlow hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Harlow hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Harlow hi-vis yellow/black MASCOT® Harlow hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Harlow hi-vis red/dark anthracite
Outer Shell Jacket
15501 - 231

From GBP 197.16

LPA 15502246-14010
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MASCOT® Blackpool hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Blackpool hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Blackpool hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Blackpool hi-vis yellow/black MASCOT® Blackpool hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Blackpool hi-vis red/dark anthracite
Softshell Jacket
15502 - 246

From GBP 136.80

LPA 15503259-14010
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MASCOT® Sheffield hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Sheffield hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Sheffield hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Sheffield hi-vis yellow/black MASCOT® Sheffield hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Sheffield hi-vis red/dark anthracite
Fleece Jacket
15503 - 259

From GBP 136.80

LPA 15509860-14010
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MASCOT® Oxford hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Oxford hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Oxford hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Oxford hi-vis yellow/black MASCOT® Oxford hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Oxford hi-vis red/dark anthracite
15509 - 860

From GBP 109.08

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MASCOT® Dartford hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Dartford hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Dartford hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Dartford hi-vis yellow/black MASCOT® Dartford hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Dartford hi-vis red/dark anthracite
15515 - 249

From GBP 109.08

LPA 15531860-14010
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MASCOT® Wigan hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Wigan hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Wigan hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Wigan hi-vis yellow/black MASCOT® Wigan hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Wigan hi-vis red/dark anthracite
Trousers with holster pockets
15531 - 860

From GBP 109.08

LPA 15535231-14010
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MASCOT® Hastings hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Hastings hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Hastings hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Hastings hi-vis yellow/black MASCOT® Hastings hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Hastings hi-vis red/dark anthracite
Winter Jacket
15535 - 231

From GBP 205.20

LPA 15549860-14010
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MASCOT® Luton hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Luton hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Luton hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Luton hi-vis yellow/black MASCOT® Luton hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Luton hi-vis red/dark anthracite
¾ Length Trousers with holster pockets
15549 - 860

From GBP 76.80

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MASCOT® Grimsby hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Grimsby hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Grimsby hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Grimsby hi-vis yellow/black MASCOT® Grimsby hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Grimsby hi-vis red/dark anthracite
Winter Gilet
15565 - 249

From GBP 85.08

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A wide selection with many opportunities for combination

You'll find MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME Safety clothing for all seasons. The range spans a wide selection so that everyone can dress safely from top to toe. The range includes trousers, jackets, tops, vests, T-shirts, Bib & Brace and 3/4 length trousers. The Safety clothing comes in six two-coloured combinations, where the fluorescent is either yellow, orange or red.

With MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME you have an extraordinary opportunity to choose a pair of trousers that fits you perfectly and gives you optimal comfort and freedom of movement. With three different standard leg lengths and up to 17 different waist sizes per leg length, it is possible for everyone to choose the correct size. As an additional feature, MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME offers the option to extend the leg length by three cm by, simply by loosening a red stitching on the inside of the fabric. The certification also allows for shortening of the trousers by up to three cm. Thus, the trousers cover all leg lengths from 73 to 93 cm. Combine the safety workwear in MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME with products from e.g. MASCOT® HARDWEAR and achieve even more well-fitting and functional options of combination and application.