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Microfleece jacket
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A sweater for all purposes

If you are looking for a high quality fleece shirt for work, take a look at this site and discover our wide selection of excellent shirts from the Danish brand MASCOT.

Fleece shirts from MASCOT can be worn for many purposes. The durable material is comfortable to wear and helps keep you warm all year round. On cold winter days, you can wear them as an extra layer over your jacket. MASCOT fleece shirts are suitable as a lightweight and insulating layer that can easily be taken off if you start to feel too hot during manual labour or other types of physically demanding work.

Here at MASCOTwebshop.co.uk, we carry high quality fleece shirts for private individuals as well as companies as part of our large selection of MASCOT workwear. Just like all other types of workwear from MASCOT, the excellent fleece shirts are tested to work. They are perfectly suited to be worn by craftsmen and other professionals working in the industrial sector.

Several of the MASCOT fleece shirts features pockets and other details making them highly practical and suitable for all work purposes. You are guaranteed top quality and flexibility. The shirt is durable and resistant to wear and heavy manual labour, regardless of weather conditions.

Discover our fleece shirts rights here on this site and purchase them online at MASCOTwebshop.co.uk.