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EN ISO 20471 EN 342 EN 343 UV Standard 801
EN ISO 11611 EN ISO 11612 EN ISO 14116 EN 13034
EN 61482 EN 1149 EN ISO 15797

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LPA 17531860-0917
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Trousers with holster pockets black/hi-vis yellow Trousers with holster pockets dark navy/hi-vis yellow
Trousers with holster pockets
17531 - 860

From GBP 114.12

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¾ Length Trousers with kneepad pockets hi-vis yellow ¾ Length Trousers with kneepad pockets hi-vis orange
¾ Length Trousers with holster pockets
17549 - 860

From GBP 93.48

LPA 15590231-17
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MASCOT® Belfast hi-vis yellow MASCOT® Belfast hi-vis orange
Over Trousers
15590 - 231

From GBP 113.88

LPA 18512246-17
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Softshell Jacket hi-vis red Softshell Jacket hi-vis yellow Softshell Jacket hi-vis orange
Softshell Jacket
18512 - 246

From GBP 136.80

LPA 50216310-17
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MASCOT® Packwood hi-vis red MASCOT® Packwood hi-vis yellow MASCOT® Packwood hi-vis orange
Traffic Vest
50216 - 310

From GBP 19.32

LPA 18545231-17
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Winter Jacket hi-vis red Winter Jacket hi-vis yellow Winter Jacket hi-vis orange
Winter Jacket
18545 - 231

From GBP 205.20

LPA 00930880-141
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MASCOT® Savona hi-vis orange/navy MASCOT® Savona hi-vis yellow/navy
Parka Jacket
00930 - 880

From GBP 173.88

LPA 05020660-14
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MASCOT® Innsbruck hi-vis orange
Pilot Jacket
05020 - 660

From GBP 151.08

LPA 05023880-141
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MASCOT® Genova hi-vis yellow/navy
Winter Jacket
05023 - 880

From GBP 156.36

LPA 50187874-14
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MASCOT® Weyburn hi-vis orange MASCOT® Weyburn hi-vis yellow
Traffic Vest
50187 - 874

From GBP 10.68

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MASCOT® Salzburg hi-vis orange MASCOT® Salzburg hi-vis yellow
Fleece Jacket
05242 - 125

From GBP 80.28

LPA 06004136-14
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MASCOT® Jona hi-vis orange
Shirt with lining
06004 - 136

From GBP 60.48

LPA 07090880-141
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MASCOT® Linz hi-vis orange/navy MASCOT® Linz hi-vis yellow/navy
Over Trousers
07090 - 880

From GBP 90.12

LPA 07092880-171
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MASCOT® Wels hi-vis yellow/navy
Bib & Brace Over Trousers
07092 - 880

From GBP 139.08

LPA 07109470-1703
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MASCOT® Cameta hi-vis yellow/green MASCOT® Cameta hi-vis yellow/navy MASCOT® Cameta hi-vis yellow/anthracite
07109 - 470

From GBP 80.28

LPA 07109860-1403
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MASCOT® Cameta hi-vis orange/green MASCOT® Cameta hi-vis orange/navy MASCOT® Cameta hi-vis orange/royal MASCOT® Cameta hi-vis orange/anthracite
07109 - 860

From GBP 80.28

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Safety workwear and work clothing for all industries

Industries and companies that have high demands for their workwear and safety clothing, often buy clothing according to EN numbers and standards. Here at MASCOTwebshop.co.uk, it has never been easier to buy workwear and safety clothing that meet various standards and certifications. To your left, you will find a list of all EN numbers that are available at MASCOT workwear. Most companies are able to find clothing that matches their requirements, right here on this site.

You will find workwear that is certified to everything from UV Standard 801, EN 342 and 343 to safety clothing certified to EN ISO 20471, EN ISO 11612 and much more. All industries will find the perfect prot high quality safety workwear here at MASCOTwebshop.co.uk. Our wide selection of workwear includes work trousers, work jackets, overalls, bib & braces and other types of classical garments. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to buy headgear, underwear and accessories. In short, you do not have to search for safety clothing anywhere but here. The quality is high and all products are available online.

Do as many other industrial businesses andartisan companies, and buy EN certified high quality products from MASCOT. TESTED TO WORK!