Body Warmers

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Thermal Gilet
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Winter Gilet
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Winter Gilet
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Winter Gilet
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Winter Gilet
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Winter Gilet
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Warm gilets with great padding

In this category you can browse through our wide selection of body warmers from MASCOT – a brand that has become internationally recognised for their large collection of winter workwear. The collection can be found right here at and is available at favourable prices with quick delivery.

Purchase one of the body warmers from MASCOT carried online here at and be well prepared to work in all kinds of weather. The spacious body warmers can be worn instead of a winter jacket or as an extra layer on top of your MASCOT work jacket.

All MASCOT body warmers are made from breathable materials that are both windproof and water-repellent. Heat-insulating materials ensure that the body warmers keep you warm.

Because of the excellent quality and supreme fit of MASCOT workwear, you are guaranteed comfort and freedom of movement when you wear a piece of clothing from MASCOT to work. The great body warmers have a flexible fit and can be worn by both men and women. The fit is ensured, among other things, by an extended back, elastic in armholes and lining with press-stud fasteners.

Here at, you can choose between body warmers with or without reflective effects and -tape. They are available in both fluorescent and regular colours.