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MASCOT® Frankfurt red/black MASCOT® Frankfurt green/black MASCOT® Frankfurt white/dark anthracite MASCOT® Frankfurt royal/dark navy MASCOT® Frankfurt dark anthracite/black MASCOT® Frankfurt light khaki/black MASCOT® Frankfurt anthracite/black
Winter jacket
12035 - 211

From GBP 119.94

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MACMICHAEL® Bahia black
Pilot jacket
50196 - 126

From GBP 71.94

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MASCOT® Penrith hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Penrith hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Penrith hi-vis orange/moss green MASCOT® Penrith hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Penrith hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Penrith hi-vis red/dark anthracite
Winter jacket
15935 - 126

From GBP 101.16

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MASCOT® Albury royal/dark navy MASCOT® Albury dark anthracite/black
Winter jacket
15735 - 126

From GBP 76.68

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MASCOT® Hastings hi-vis orange/dark navy MASCOT® Hastings hi-vis orange/dark anthracite MASCOT® Hastings hi-vis yellow/dark navy MASCOT® Hastings hi-vis yellow/black MASCOT® Hastings hi-vis yellow/dark anthracite MASCOT® Hastings hi-vis red/dark anthracite
Winter jacket
15535 - 231

From GBP 190.92

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MASCOT® Queens indigo denim
Winter jacket
15435 - 275

From GBP 79.97
GBP 132.36

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MASCOT® Riverdale anthracite MASCOT® Riverdale khaki
Pilot jacket
15335 - 166

From GBP 66.61
GBP 107.94

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MASCOT® Tolosa dark navy/hi-vis orange MASCOT® Tolosa black/hi-vis yellow MASCOT® Tolosa dark anthracite/hi-vis red
Winter jacket
15035 - 222

From GBP 175.08

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MASCOT® Flint black
Winter jacket
14135 - 126

From GBP 73.20

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MASCOT® Haro black
Winter jacket
15235 - 998

From GBP 54.59
GBP 165.48

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MASCOT® Frankfurt dark navy MASCOT® Frankfurt black
Winter jacket
12135 - 211

From GBP 119.94

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High quality MASCOT jacket

Here at MASCOTwebshop.co.uk we often experience that pilot jackets are the first choice of people looking to purchase a new jacket for work. For this reason, we carry a wide selection of high quality pilot jackets from the Danish MASCOT brand, which has become known internationally for their excellent workwear products.

Pilot jackets have a nice, spacious fit that many appreciate. When performing physical and manual labour, you need a jacket that lets you move freely. Because MASCOT specialises in the design of workwear they have become experts in producing pilot jackets for work with a fit that is perfectly suited for its purpose.

The range of pilot jackets from MASCOT is wide. Common to all models is the classic cut with a shorter, but spacious fit. Several of the jackets are equipped with practical outside and inside pockets as well as removable caps with and without fur trim. They are wind- and waterproof and made from breathable materials.

Discover our wide selection of pilot jackets in all sizes and colours here at MASCOTwebshop.co.uk. As a distributor of workwear from MASCOT, we guarantee you top quality at low prices. We deliver quickly to your door when you have ordered your new MASCOT pilot jacket here with us.