Hi-vis Overalls

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Boilersuit with kneepad pockets
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Winter Boilersuit
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MASCOT reflective workwear

Mascot overalls are known for being among the very best on the market. The popular overalls are also available in hi-vis models that are sold right here at MASCOTwebshop.co.uk. Do not expose yourself to unnecessary danger when working in high-risk areas during the dark months of winter. Make yourself visible and stay warm by wearing one of the excellent and high quality MASCOT hi-vis overalls from the selection in this category. Hi-vis overalls are perfect for winter use when you are working outdoors and have to make yourself visible to your surroundings while simultaneously being able to keep warm during cold weather.

Hi-vis overalls from MASCOT attract attention because of the powerful reflective tape incorporated in the design, which captures the light from vehicles in the dark. All reflective overalls made by MASCOT are available in fluorescent colours that give you extra visibility in daylight.

Although visibility is the essence of the design of hi-vis overalls, strong materials and the best fit is still key concerns. All hi-vis workwear from MASCOT give you high levels of mobility when you are performing manual labour. They are easy and effortless to wear and therefore ensure high levels of comfort. The heavy materials also ensure that the hi-vis work overalls can resist all kinds of weather that the months of winter have to offer.