MASCOT® ORIGINALS is one of MASCOT's oldest ranges, consisting of original workwear for all industries and people who want traditional and very durable clothing that lasts. The range includes everything you would expect in traditional workwear and winter clothing, from boilersuits to thermal jackets. You will also find a wide selection of quilted products in several thicknesses and colours. 

MASCOT® ORIGINALS has stood the test of time, and is still popular in many industries. Even though MASCOT® ORIGINALS is one of our older ranges, MASCOT naturally continues to adjust its details and fits on an ongoing basis.

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LPA 00512620-01
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MASCOT® Antarktis navy
Winter Bib & Brace
00512 - 620

From GBP 91.80

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MASCOT® London navy
00515 - 450

From GBP 43.68

LPA 00516620-01
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MASCOT® Alaska navy MASCOT® Alaska red MASCOT® Alaska green MASCOT® Alaska white MASCOT® Alaska black MASCOT® Alaska royal
Pilot Jacket
00516 - 620

From GBP 71.16

LPA 00517620-01
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MASCOT® Thule navy
Winter Boilersuit
00517 - 620

From GBP 142.08

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No text in this language black
Fleece Jacket
50183 - 872

From GBP 45.00

LPA 00520620-01
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MASCOT® Innsbruck navy MASCOT® Innsbruck red MASCOT® Innsbruck black MASCOT® Innsbruck anthracite
Pilot Jacket
00520 - 620

From GBP 101.88

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MASCOT® Dundee navy
00525 - 590

From GBP 42.00

LPA 00554620-01
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MASCOT® Sölden navy MASCOT® Sölden green MASCOT® Sölden black
Winter Gilet
00554 - 620

From GBP 55.80

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MASCOT® Liverpool navy
Winter Gilet
00565 - 450

From GBP 41.28

LPA 00579430-01
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No text in this language white
Trousers with holster pockets
00579 - 430

From GBP 34.92

LPA 00770440-01
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MASCOT® Monroe navy
Trousers with thigh pockets
00770 - 440

From GBP 38.76

LPA 00773430-01
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MASCOT® Orlando navy MASCOT® Orlando black MASCOT® Orlando anthracite
Trousers with thigh pockets
00773 - 430

From GBP 43.08

LPA 07479330-01
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MASCOT® Pasadena navy MASCOT® Pasadena black
Trousers with holster pockets
07479 - 330

From GBP 36.48

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MASCOT® Ottawa navy
13501 - 707

From GBP 35.28

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MASCOT® Sudbury navy MASCOT® Sudbury black
13515 - 905

From GBP 41.28

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MASCOT® Timmins white
13528 - 707

From GBP 32.64

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Thermal clothing for different needs

MASCOT® ORIGINALS includes quilted thermal clothing in three different fabrics. The three fabrics have different washing instructions and are therefore aimed at different industries and job types. Common to all of our thermal clothing is that the classic quilted checks are made using ultrasound. The layers are therefore welded together, resulting in a much stronger quilt than if the checks were stitched together.

Long lifetime 

One of the characteristics of MASCOT® ORIGINALS is the products' long lifetime, because even after repeated washing, they retain their shape, colour and quality. These are products that you will use for many years ahead, no matter whether you're looking for basic products or winter clothing. Products in this range come in different colours, including the most traditional of workwear colours: khaki, navy and white. The trousers are also available in three different leg lengths.